Stop Nutritional Child Abuse tm

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Stop Nutritional Child Abuse tm 

Nutritional child abuse is the most common form of child
abuse/neglect of which we are aware.

Overweight/obesity is the most common form of nutritional child abuse.

More than one-third of kids are overweight/obese.

According to
HHS, 772,000 children were abused or neglected in 2008 - not including nutritionally abused/neglected children.

In 2008, there were
74.4 million children in the United States.

Nutritional child abuse is about 35 times more common than all other forms of child abuse/neglect combined.

Instead of complaining about it, do something to
help the kids

Mechanisms are in place for the protection of children

When parents fail,
mandatory reporters are the second-line of defense.

Mandatory reporters include: doctors, teachers, principals, nurses and others.

Mandatory reporters are required by law to report child abuse/neglect.

If they do not, they are

If you are an adult and witness an overweight/obese child or a mandatory reporter who is not fulfilling their legal responsibility,
go here to report the abuse/neglect and/or law-breaker

If you are an overweight/obese child, speak to your parents and ask for help. Give them the number to call in your state to report the mandatory reporters who are not doing their jobs. You can find the numbers

Stop Early Nutritional Child Abuse tm  

If you are an overweight/obese woman and considering having children, wait.

Fat parents have fat kids

By being fat and getting pregnant (either "naturally" or with
assisted reproductive technologies), you are exposing yourself and your kid (unborn and born) to needless complications

Lose the excess weight first.

Have a healthy pregnancy.

Give birth to the healthiest child you can.

Raise that child in the healthiest environment you can create.

Give your child the opportunity to grow-up in health, without being a set-up for the
physical, social and emotional problems associated with childhood overweight/obesity, which they are almost certain to develop.

The time to become a caring and responsible parent is before you become pregnant.